Keggy Guy Tops the “What’s Hot” List for Summer

Before taking a stroll on the boardwalk, be sure to check out the July issue of Baltimore Style Magazine to see “what’s hot” this summer for men. Keggy Guy belts top their list in the fashion feature “Tan Lines.” These dual-toned leather belts are paired with a multitude of lightweight, neutral ensembles, offering a hip edge to this season’s best basics. Keggy Guy belts are available in tan and white (as shown), as well as a host of other bold combinations such as distressed olive and weathered chili red.

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One Response to Keggy Guy Tops the “What’s Hot” List for Summer

  1. anne c campbell says:

    Keggy”s Guy and the clothing designs are just great in Baltimore Style Magazine for July/August. Loved the entire shoot and thought the photos were especially good. That model looks like the clothes were made to order for him. He should be THE KEGGY GUY!!! Good luck to Keggy Guy Designs. Very refreshing and so professional.

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