Forbes “Guide to Fashion Week” claims SBFW is a Must See

With so many events going on, Forbes has the scoop on all the best for New York’s Fashion Week 2013. They include tips to make anyone feel like part of the runway: including what to know, what to eat, where to stay, and what to do – and of course the Small Boutique Fashion Week runway event debuting Keggy Pritsker, tops their list. The elegant and modern Metropolitan Pavilion sets the perfect ambiance for the renowned SBFW event where Keggy Pitsker’s new coat line is ready to take the stage, as Forbes most certainly knows.

As the countdown to Fashion Week continues and the anticipation builds, don’t allow yourself to succumb to fashion fatigue. Just take a deep breath – (a glass of wine helps too!) – Thankfully, you are one click away from the perfect remedy! Forbes handy “Guide to Fashion Week” is here to keep everyone from the well-seasoned attendee to newest fashionista on track. So if you plan to venture out in NYC this February to capture some of the glitz and glamour of sartorial ingenuity for yourself, make sure SBFW is on your agenda – it’s on Forbes!

Event Details:
Small Boutique Fashion Week
February 10th, 2013
New York Metropolitan Pavilion
Keggy Pritsker – 12:00 pm show

Get your tickets to SBFW (before they sell out!)

Forbes Guide to Fashion Week

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