“No Worries” Behind the Scenes at New York Fashion Week

Aussie-native Jill Turnbull and her No Worries team joined Keggy Pritsker in NYC and made our models runway-ready for Fashion Week on February 10.  Turnbull’s heavy portfolio is filled with acclaimed editorials, international beauty consulting, and her own cosmetic and hair lines, and we were thrilled to have her expertise in our corner!

behind the scenes blog makeup

Keggy Pritsker’s models looked flawless wearing Turnbull’s No Worries No Sweat Anti-Shine Foundation – the perfect coverage solution for the hot lights on the runway.  Using her No Worries Cosmetic Line, Turnbull masterfully selected a soft and subtle eye palette
and highlighted with natural tones, putting the spotlight on Keggy Pritsker’s bold and sophisticated coats.  Masterfully orchestrated stacked buns were created with the aid of her No Worries Creative Volumizing Foam – giving the models’ tresses the lift they needed for the skyscraper ‘dos.  

behind the scenes hair

Turnbull and her team put our minds to rest as they effortlessly ran the behind the scenes set-up of our models amidst the backstage pandemonium.  Thank you, Jill, Kayla, and Kira for making our day, our week, our year.

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