SUITS Addiction

The anticipated premiere of SUITS, season 3 has been worth the wait. The first episode has left viewers ready for answers and longing for Tuesday nights. When will Harvey forgive Mike? We know it’s bound to happen. And, with the merger complete, will Harvey’s deal with Darby prevail? Will Harvey take Jessica down to become managing partner?! What other twists and turns will this season of SUITS take us through? – We are dying to know.

FINALLY – Mike Ross and Rachel Zane. Can she move on and forgive Mike after he shared his dirty little secret with her? It looks like this pair has thrown caution to the wind.  Keggy is rooting for the couple to make it work – They just look so good together.

Keggy’s jaw dropped in awe around the 30 minute mark, as Rachel Zane exited the building wearing a Keggy Trench Coat!!! Ladies and gents rewind your DVR’s and watch Rachel Zane strut her Keggy apparel…on repeat, we are! Fingers crossed that the Keggy Trench will be making other appearances throughout the season – we’ll be watching!


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