Keggy’s Entry in The Carrie Diaries

The CW has recently renewed The Carrie Diaries for a second season beginning on October 25th! AnnaSophia Robb plays Carrie Bradshaw, a 17-year-old fashionista who faces her fair share of high school drama involving catty girls and dreamy boys. – Though her one true love is the city of Manhattan.

Walt Reynolds, played by Brendan Dooling is Carrie’s best guy friend on the show. Dooling’s character had been struggling with his sexuality and was finally outed on the season finale!  – That just being one twist the show left us wondering about.          Picture 17

Keggy is thrilled to share that both Brendan Dooling and Josh Salatin (who plays Maggies secret lover) got their hands on Keggy belts during UpFront Week at Caravan Stylist Studio. The Keggy Guy belts will be worn in the second season of The Carrie Diaries.

With the season finale leaving us with a cliffhanger, Keggy will be staying tuned to find out if Carrie and Sebastian get back together and how Carries summer in NYC turned out. Aren’t you dying to know?!

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