KeggyStyle’s Friday Fashion Find – Pointed Flats Are Back with Studs

Pointed toe flats are making a fashion come-back, and I am left wondering who makes these tortuous decisions?  I understand the pointed toe pump, high heel, bootie and boot—but the flat?  That extra toe room is sacred, a Sunday afternoon for our feet and a much deserved break for crunched up toes.  At least the pointed toe in a high heel can be elegant or even sexy.  The pointed toe flat makes my size 9 foot look like size 11.  Who needs this?  All for the sake of fashion?  And, this is ME talking! I am not so sure about this trend and am considering bucking it.  Would anyone like to join me?

But, before turning a blind eye to the latest reinvention of the same uncomfortable shoe, I decided to do some investigative work.  I figured that there must be something out there that I like in this style and can share with you. I have to admit that it was not long before I fell in love with some studded versions, especially the Louboutin’s and Valentino’s.

After a good amount of perusing, I decided upon my Friday Fashion Finds.  At, a Jeffrey Campbell Daisy Studded Ballerina flat caught my eye as they are a terrific looking pair of partially studded flats unlike any that I had seen.  I love the crossover of the black studded leather on the more neutral tan. They are a classic take on a studded shoe and a great buy at $165.00.

img-thingimg-thing (2) carries my second Fashion Find, a pair of VC Signature ‘Chicago’ flats, currently on sale for $116.98 (40% off of their regular retail price of $195). This gold tipped flat is adorned with a vintage-inspired crystallized butterfly and could easily transition from day to evening.

img-nordstrom butterfly flatbutterfly 2

I guess there is no way for me to get around this trend.  It’s just too hard to resist! Gold cone tips and spikey studs bring these flats to a whole new level. As long as the shoe fits (with toe pointed or round), I will wear it!!

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