Beyond the Catwalk at Fashion Week

For the lucky attendees, NYFW outshines all of their other fashion events throughout the year. For the designers featured in the show, NYFW can make or break the season’s collections. Months of preparation culminate into a runway show lasting only a few minutes. Held on September 11, 2013 at Pier 59 Studios at approximately 4:30 pm, the Nolcha Fashion Show was one not to be missed.

NOLCHA FASHION WEEK LOGOKeggy welcomed the opportunity to spring into the excitement yet again this year. Featured designer Stacie May graciously selected Keggy to accessorize her runway collection at Nolcha Fashion Week. Keggy belts, appearing in five looks out of Stacie’s ten-piece collection, accented Stacie May’s flawless presentation.

We would like to share with you our experiences beyond the catwalk…

On the other side of the curtain, hairspray and airbrush fumes fogged the air, as the latest hair and makeup trends were recreated by skilled stylists all aiming to achieve a homogenous yet up-to-the-minute look. They are the behindthescenes artists and a model’s best friend, wiping away the night before and disguising all blemishes while working their magic with gravity defying up-dos. These statuesque beauties seemed almost perfect as they practice their walk and are shuffled between designers. Last minute changes and final fittings were pulled over the heads of these models as they were zipped and unzipped in every direction all at once. Shoes were checked for proper fitting, and it became critical to know European sizes. Fully clothed, one felt like the outsider as nakedness proved as normal as being dressed on the other side of the curtain. It is a skinny world that somehow makes all of us non-models naturally crave brownies.

We were thrilled to work with Stacie May in completing her vision for the 2014 spring line. Accessory designers chosen by Stacie May included Keggy for belts, Mamahuhu for shoes and Erin Fader for jewelry.  Accent pieces were intended to highlight the features of Stacie May’s collection while complementing one another. It was a delicate balance. Accessory pieces did not overpower or overstate, but rather offered the finishing touch to an already composed liUntitledne of apparel with its own intentions. Keggy was ecstatic to take the runway with Stacie May!

Stacie May’s first look on the runway was a brown polka dot dress paired with square rhinestone Keggy buckles and a pearl strap. The sharp burst of white and flash of gold at the waist accentuated the contour of the elegant silhouette in an effortless simplicity.

Picture 1The third look of the show was an ombre dress in fuchsia and deep purple hues. An edgy layer of black-pedaled lace was exposed at the angled line of the skirt. Erin Fader’s onyx stone necklace and Keggy’s metallic, reptiliantextured leather belt were obvious accessory choices.

For her seventh look, Stacie May paired an off-the-shoulder blouse in a lilac, pink and metallic paisley pattern with a pair of silver and gold pants. Keggy’s pale pink sbasketweave buckle and pewter strap cinched the waist and provided definition.

Stacie May’s seventh look featured a sleeveless top with segmented textures and colors, ranging from cream to lilac and blackPBN_4700. A black short skirt was belted with Keggy’s lilac square enamel buckle and pearl strap.

The closing look of the collection was also accompanied by a Keggy belt. Picture 7Stacie May’s black knit dress flared with layers of dotted lace on each side, while Keggy’s checkered basket weave buckle in pink, purple, yellow and black added a splash of color to the otherwise monochromatic theme.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude to Stacie May who was a gracious host and an absolute delight. We enjoyed our collaboration with all of the designers and appreciate our inclusion in the show. Thank you!!

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