Keggy 2014 Debuts at Showroom Seven!

Keggy debuted its 2014 collection during New York Fashion Week at New York City’s iconic Showroom Seven! Designer Kerry Leikus took on the area by (and with a storm) marching into the spotlight with winter-wares befitting the Duchess and little sister Pippa.  Sibling rivalry is likely to ensue over these precious heirloom pieces photo 2carefully constructed of pastel herringbones, plaids and tweeds.  A mixture of candy coated hues and dollop-sized buttons are not only dainty but deliciously demure.  The collection is replete with detail and diversity in style, seamlessly transitioning from a Saturday stroll to an afternoon tea.

Keggy joins the company of the world’s leading fashion designers at Showroom Seven. Perched amongst some of the most prestigious art galleries in New York City, S7 has a 20 year history of providing sales, public relations, showroom, and business services to fashion and lifestyle clients around the globe. It remains a must-see destination for buyers and press, as well as the perfect showcase for Keggy’s 2014 Collection.Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 8.12.04 PM


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